We Generate Association and Distribute Assurance

GCL is India’s first fully integrated electrical utility company and we’ve been on an epic ride ever since many decade in generating and distributing power in multi countries.

Electrical Power

We have private participation in generation, transmission and distribution of electrical power. We are the sole distributor of electricity within an area of 567sq km of World & Islands and serve 2.9 million consumers which include domestic, industrial and commercial users. We own & operate three thermal power plants generating 1125 MW of power. These are Generating Station (750 MW), Southern Generating Station (135 MW), & Generating Station (240 MW) . From our three generating stations, we accomplish 88% of our customer’s electricity requirement and remaining 12% is achieved by purchase of electricity from third parties. More than 50% of coal is sourced from captive mines for generation of electricity in our generating stations.

Transmission and Distribution

We own & operate the Transmission & Distribution System through which we supply electricity to consumers. This system comprises of 474 km circuit of transmission lines linking the company’s generating & receiving stations with 105 distribution stations, 8,211 circuit km of HT lines further linking distribution stations with LT substations, large industrial consumers and 12,269 circuit km of LT lines connecting the LT substations to LT consumers.